Curtains design & sewing

Our designer is ready to realize your ideas.

To create personal and unique design our designer needs to feel atmosphere, see colors and materials of apartment. Invite designer to visit your home and this will help to understand you life style and create window decorations special for you.

Piesaki dizaineri zvanot (+371) 6731-4181, 25442218, vai atnākot uz salonu vai aizpildot formu

Completed works

Services and prices for curtain sewing


Premium class design is based on individual curtain designer work. Qualitative materials and fabrics with the price more than 25euro/m are used. The total price for window decoration is calculated individually and depends on a quantity of rods, fabrics, applied materials and complexity of the sewing. Usually the price is higher than 500eur for window.


For Luxury design unique fabrics from Europe and Asia are used in accordance with the interior and furniture. Fabrics price can exceed 50-70eur/m. Complicated curtain models with different draperies, pillows, covers with beautiful trimming create the unique luxurious class textile design luxurious class. Prices depends on wishes and possibilities of the client.